Becoming a travel agent is a simple and your ADVENTURE START HERE!

What training do I get?

We offer a 2 days online Training run . This training includes an introduction to Mariposa stay, Marketing, Systems, Business Development, Networking, Product, Sell Hotels,Flights,Car hire and Attractions .

What support will I have?

At head office we look to support you in every way we can. You will work with our online travel agent support who will be in regular contact with you to aid in the growth of your business. We have departments that will help with flights, accommodation, admin, finance and more. We want you to feel confident and be as independent as possible, but should you need or want our support, we are always on hand to help.

What experience do I need?

When it comes to experience if you have worked within the travel industry before this will be a benefit, but it’s not the be all and end all. Lots of different experiences can aid the growth of your business such as marketing, networking, sales and more. Get in touch and we can discuss your relevant experience and transferable your professional skills.

What can I expect to earn?

We offer you the ability to earn as much as you want to with uncapped commission. The more time and effort you put into the business the more you will get out of it. You are offering a service and that’s something people are happy to pay for so we encourage you to get the best margins possible whilst remaining competitive.

We pay up to 60% commission.

What types of holidays can I sell?

In short, you can sell whatever your clients desire! We have direct commercial agreements with resorts, hotels,airlines, and varius tour operator giving you access to exclusive rates and  you will be able to fulfil your clients requests.

What are the upfront costs?

The upfront cost to be an MariposaStay Homeworker Travel Agent depends from the membership that you choose. We have four different membership;

  1. Bronze Membership £50 for validity of 3 months.
  2. Silver Membership £100 for validity of 6 months.
  3. Gold Membership £150 for validity of 12 months.
  4. Platinium Membership £200 for validity for 24 months
    Or from Eu home working special offer minimum one year for only Euro 100 with same free training included .

Can I work from anywhere?

Yes you can, all of our systems are internet based, so as long as you have a laptop and an internet connection you’re good to go